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The Health & Safety at Work, Etc. Act 1974 was enacted to improve the standards of health & safety of people in their place of work. It places specific responsibility upon the company to publish a statement of its policy on provision of safe working conditions and for safeguarding the health of its employees while at work. The company has further commitment to ensure that its policy is brought to the attention of its employees. The Health & Safety Act requires employees to comply with statutory provision of the Act which apply to them and comply with mutually agreed instructions issued by the Company in discharging liabilities imposed by the Act. The full co-operation of each employee is essential if the highest possible standards of Health and Safety are to be attained.

The priority aim of the management is to provide a safe environment for all employees to carry on the company’s business. It is company policy to do all that is reasonably practical to safeguard employees form personal injury. Protecting everyone, including the public where appropriate, from identifiable hazards at work, will do this. The company must recognise it responsibility for maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, for providing training, instruction and literature to enable continuing interest in health and safety through management and employee consultation. It is required by law that employees co-operative with management to maintain safe working conditions through safe working practices, using safe systems of work devised and any protective clothing or equipment provided and reporting incidents that have lead or may lead to injury.

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Obligation to Provide Basic Training

Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even on a very occasional basis, lift trucks within the scope of this ACOP who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing as described in this ACOP, except for those undergoing such training under adequate supervision.

Selection of instructors

When arranging for training, employers should satisfy themselves that it is in accordance with the ACOP. Operator training should only be carried out by instructors who have themselves undergone appropriate training in instructional techniques and skills assessment. They should give instruction only on the types of lift truck and attachments for which they have been trained and successfully tested as operators. Instructors also need sufficient industrial experience to enable them to put their instruction in context and an adequate knowledge of the working environment in which the trainee will be expected to operate.

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