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Thorough Examinations

All McLeman trucks are subject to a statutory inspection under The Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 1998)

A Thorough Examination is a systematic and detailed examination of the lifting equipment and safety-critical parts, carried out at specified intervals by a competent person who must then complete a written report.

The report will highlight items requiring rectification and applicable time scale for completion.

The examination is mandatory by law and ensures that the mechanical parts of the fork truck are regularly inspected to keep the fork truck safe to use when operated to manufacturers recommendations.

The examination covers all parts of the industrial lift truck including attachments and accessories

Note: An inspection as part of a normal scheduled truck service is not a Thorough Examination.

LOLER Examination Intervals

In accordance with HSE LOLER Approved Code of practice and guidance L113.

  • 12 months
    Any truck working up to 40 hours per week including attachments permanently fitted to the truck.
  • 6 months
    Any truck working between 40 and 80 hours per week.
    Any truck used for elevating persons, no matter how frequent.
  • 4 months
    Any truck working in excess of 80 hours per week.
    Any truck working in environments such as:
    • Marine environments
    • Corrosive chemical environments
    • Metal manufacturing and processing
    • Cement / aggregate processing or where abrasive particulates are present
    • Brine processes
  • Following ‘exceptional circumstances’, e.g. if it is damaged or fails, is out of use for long periods, or if there is a major change in how it is used which is likely to affect its integrity.

Attachments and accessories:
If not permanently fitted to the fork truck the regime for Thorough Examinations shall be every 6 months.

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